Holistic Health

Holistic Health

Angela Moore Perman, BCTN, LPN, CI, MH wears duel hats as a Board-certified Traditional Naturopath and Licensed Practical Nurse. She holds multiple certifications, including certified iridologist and master herbalist.

As a naturopath, she can help clients of all ages achieve wellness and healing with natural modalities. Angela’s initial consultations are two hours allowing plenty of time to learn about you and your health. She will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan to help you achieve healing.

Angela and Krista are both passionate about the integrative health model, which is the combination of the best practices of modern medicine and natural health practices. Integrative health also puts you, the patient, at the center of care.

Right now, Angela is offering a 33% discount on all services and packages until she has a full schedule. Any price value you see below is before that discount is applied. So a current appointment with Angela will be 33% Cheaper than all those below.

Appointment Type



Free Consultation

Angela offers a free 15 minute phone call consultation for you to speak with her directly. This time allows you to learn about her and determine together if her services are right for you.


Initial Consultation

New client appointment. Two hours long. includes the appointment time, saliva scan for comprehensive analysis and causal factors. For the saliva scan: if it is done as a telehealth appointment, client will be responsible for overnighting the sample to Angela. Typically, $25 at the post office. If the appointment is in the office, then we will also do an initial RBTI reading with Urine and saliva specimens.


Follow-up Visit

Price is based on length and complexity of patient’s needs.


Other Services

Saliva Scan
For comprehensive analysis. Included in initial consultation

This scan is analyzed using a saliva sample, measuring the bio-energetic balance and overall stress response in the body, ie; food sensitivities, environmental stressors, co-infections, viral pathogens, bacterial pathogens, mold and mycotoxin exposure, and nutritional health needs or deficiencies. Also available is a methylation/genetic mutation scan. These scans will be repeated depending on individual protocols and products used as often as every 3 months during the acute phase, or cleansing/detox phase
RBTI analysisReams Biological theory of ionization is the analysis of a collected urine and saliva sample in the office. (Included in the initial in person office consult)

Collected and analyzed to reveal a real time snapshot of your body chemistry. Individual results are measured against the established chemical benchmarks that are proven to be the ideal for biological life, in other words, a healthy system. The great news about this testing is that it can guide us how to manipulate your health by controlling what you put in your body.
Iridology Evaluation with photosIridology is the art and science of the study of the iris of the eye. It is a noninvasive form of analysis that can tell us about a person’s innate or inborn genetic strengths and weaknesses. It is the study of the color, pigmentations, and the structure of the iris or colored portion of the eye as they relate genetically through the reflex response to the strength and deficiencies of the body systems in the 28,000 nerve endings that come together to form the iris in the eye. Each eye color and the marking has a unique meaning for each individual. Thus the eyes are literally a window to the biological processes of the body$197
AromaTouch SessionThis is an essential oil application method of 8 essential oils and blends that are aimed at addressing 4 key areas. Stress, inflammation, toxic insult, and the autonomic nervous system balance. Followed with the application of hot towels to drive the oils deeper into tissue for further benefit.$65
Authentic Touch Session

This session starts with Rapid Release Therapy which may be helpful for pain and muscle tension. This is a 10,000 RPM high speed vibration massager followed with application of specific essential oils specific for stabilizing, revitalizing, or energizing the body. Designed to properly regulate and strengthen cellular function, activity, and helps to remove toxins, chemicals, hormone mimickers and other compounds that are often responsible for cellular dysfunction and helps to reprogram proper cellular communication and function, finishing the session with acu-point sound wave therapy with tuning forks by applying sound waves to acupressure points to balance the body, which offers similar results to acu-puncture, without the needles.

Service is available with our without Tuning Fork

$85 (without Tuning Forks)
$95 (with Tuning Forks)
Face, Tongue, and Nail analysisFTN reading is a vital step of the TCM (traditional Chinese Medicine) examination since the health of the internal body is reflected externally. In TCM there are “micro systems” all throughout the body. Some of the major “micro systems” include the ears, face, hands, and feet.$75
Foot Bath Detox

$50 per session, buy 5 get 1 free

The iconic foot bath detox is a therapy that uses negative ions to cleanse the body of toxins. The ions attach themselves to the toxins and then are flushed out through the large pores in your feet when immersed in the salt water bath, one of the main purposes of this therapy is to make the body’s pH more alkaline. The more alkaline your body is, the less prone you are to contract disease. The human body functions best at 80% negative ions, 20% positive.

Zyto Balance ScanThis is a hand cradle GSR, galvanic skin response scan that combines top product preferences with key body and lifestyle data from 190+ biomarkers to help make better wellness decisions by determining biological coherence. Identifies specific nutritional supplements and essential oils which the body shows a biological coherence too, and areas in the body that may be out of balance.$75